México –Cradle of Cowboy Culture

Ramón Burciaga
MX$ 230.00

The image of the cowboy is well known throughout the world. As for its provenance, practically all of the available sources point in one direction: Texas; and in the broader context: The Old West, within the confines of the United States of America. Their keenness to saturate the world with this figure, as representative of their people, has certainly prevailed. In effect: “History is not what happened, it´s what you remember.” A grievous phenomenon that repeats itself across time. But, not in this case… For, substantiated by a host of witnesses, we delve into the past, and remember what happened. How by omission, a national treasure was handily appropriated for the United States, and through betrayal, was forfeited, on Mexican soil. Let it be known!

Área temática: Historia
Colección: Independientes
Edición: 1
Año de publicación: 2021
Idioma: Inglés
N.º de páginas: 140
Tamaño: 23*16
Formato: Rústico
ISBN: 978-84-18790-53-9